Version v4.2

With version 4.2 you can do more things then ever before! You can double your money and withdraw it at the same time! Check out our presentation video and information below!

Bitcoin Miner Software

You can double your money just in a couple of minutes! Deposit minimum 0.01 BTC and receive 0.02 BTC just in 2 click! Start doubling money right now!

Take a look to our Presentation video, we show everything what our software can do and how to do it! As well we explain how the software can work.


About our software

We created our software to help people. We already made much money from it. You can deposit a small amount of money and double it by clicking a button “Deposit”. Of course you need first deposit some money after that you can double it and then you can withdraw it! It’s totally save and for more information you can check the presentation video! Our software is secure that means that you are totally save to use it!

It’s totally FREE

It’s totally Free. You can everything do with version 4.2. Our software is totally free to use. Just download it, install it and use it. If you need more information check out our presentation video! And you can contact us at any time!

What’s inside the software?

Our software have 3 hard coded things inside. Why our software is different from other? You don’t need to install it. You don’t need to disable antivirus or something and it’s totally free and there is no hidden cost.

Need Help?

If you need any help registering or installing the software or you don’t know how to use it or anyway you have any questions then you can contact us at anytime in our contact us page! We will answer all your question when we will be online. But first try to find answer to your question in our website.